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Just for Now

Hello blogging world!

I have been unsure what my first blog post should consist of but now that I’m actually typing it out I feel it should involve how I have come to be where I am now. I am in love with Jesus. By allowing Him come into my life for real and not by just acting it out like I had always witnessed I now truly realize how real He really is. If it weren’t for His love through those that are constantly around me I would never have stayed connected to Him. I am eternally thankful for the ones in my life currently who are constantly checking in with me and “shaking my branches” as it were to develop Godly character and guide me. I have been through a lot of what this world labels normalcy and I do not stand for what this world stands for. The bible actually calls for me to be like an “alien” in the aspect that I do not look like, act like, talk like, nor even agree with the same things that this world says is okay. I am sold out to Jesus. There is not only a physical difference in the way I live my life looking back before Him, and now after Him, there is such a difference in the way I think about very specific situations. Not brainwashing, but an uncovering. Like the famous hymn “I was blind but now I see…” that is exactly it. I was blind to His truth and I succumbed myself to this world. No longer do I allow myself to be decieved to the works of the former ways. This shall be enough for now. Going to pray and prepare for tonights service. There will be lives touched for the Kingdom of Yeshuah!