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Wasted Time

Is time wasted if it isn’t spent glorifying His name or bettering His kingdom?


My Selfish Prayer

Today I received some much looked forward to news about a trip that is soon approaching.

It is my hearts desire to be apart of this. All I ask of you is to agree with me in praying for this to come to pass.

for it is HE that I live, love & breath!

Here is the information


I Have Lost My Life, and Gained Everything

Mt 10:39″ He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it”(NKJV)

What are we doing on a consistent basis to get closer to our Creator? Are we sacrificing more of our needs than our wants? Have we set ourselves in a constant lifestyle of praying and fasting? The Lord has hit me with the above scripture hard. I re-read it no longer than five minutes ago. I need to get what He is saying out. He is desiring so much more out of us in these days. If we are to lable ourselves CHRISTians, we need to live up to the standard that Jesus CHRIST set. This is more for me than it may be for anyone else but it is imperative that it is out there. I,We, should so desire that it be His name that is gaining recognistion and not our own in everything that we do. I am presently sitting in the very back of my sanctuary in the sound booth while the twenty-somethings of this generation are seeking the heart of God. They are here early, well before the service starts. They are declaring this generation free from the idols that the previous generation cursed us with. It is now our duty to rise out of the shadows of what was and become now what is. And what is, is He, the Great I AM!

for it is HE that I live, love, & breath!

The Complicated Unknown

So I have been a true believer for a couple of years now and during this process I have stayed at the same church and have been taught some very interesting biblical truths. It has been a process of learning that makes being a Christian interesting. By these biblical truths I am referring to the spiritual realm, demonic forces and the mission of the enemy. Before really giving my life to Christ I was just another religious junkie. I would wear the different masks and basically live at the church, while fooling everyone but God. At first, the information that I was being taught was hard to comprehend and grasp because it was very new territory. Also because these truths didn’t deal with the physicality of life. This information is a must for every believer simply because it will release a revelation that we posses the same spirit that raised His mortal body. Romans 8:11 (

These thoughts came to me today while I was at work. If you don’t know I currently work at Starbucks. If there is one thing that I have caught onto while being employed by this company, it would be that they hire a variety of people. Unlike a Hollister or clothing company similar where their image is more important than the lives of those that are employed. Starbucks has shown me that it thrives off the differences of its “partners” as we referred by. On a daily basis I work with four or five other partners. Out of those the percentage of them being homosexual or non-believer is 75-90%.  Today was no different. I was working alongside a known non-believer who I respect. Over the past year and a half I have been there we have had several conversations that dealt with our beliefs and various hobbies. There is no tension present during these conversations. I have noticed that she would carry a tote that had a buddha print or we discussed her necklace that had the “Fleur de Lis” or New Orleans Saints NFL logo. She told me that she and her family liked to travel down there to see the various tarro card readers and palm readers. I said all of that to give you a foundation of what she believes and what she may carry with her on the inside(spiritually).
All of that to say this: When I work alongside her confusion is always present. In most all situations whether it be directly involving her or not confusion interrupts the flow. For instance today she walked up to my manager stated a simple phrase then walked away. Immediately following that my manager said that he was confused and didn’t know what was going on. As she was walking away she stated “Yeah I am always confused about something.”

My main question is this: Can this spirit of confusion be like a cloud over everything if there is someone there that is directly involved with the spiritual darkness?

Ephesians 6:12 (New King James Version)

12 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

For it is HE that I live, love & breath!

History or His-Story?


That is the only way I know of right now to start this blog. I would like everyone to know that I am young, mostly oblivious, and most relevant I am sheltered. I, by choice, hardly listen to any music that doesn’t involve glorifying my Creator. I feel while I am singing I might as well put everything into it and do what makes my Father most happy, worship. I also in no way am trying to delude Michael, his family, his career, or his beliefs. I know who he is based on the latter part of his life. By that I am referring to the negatives. I never participated in his music or was subjected to it from my parents growing up. All I know is the way he lived his life and by that I am not impressed nor happy by the way it ended. I am saddened most because of what he is leaving behind.

I know too well what it is like not to have a parent in the picture or having brothers there for you. I know too well the pain and hurt of not having that significant family member being present. With God I am able to conquer not COPE. I am called to be righteous and not merely to get by. I live with hope and faith and not by chance and luck! It was not by choice that I didn’t watch his service today I was working. I am in some fashion glad that I was not able to participate in it because of some of the false things that might have been said. I do not like when official pastors are forced to lie about someones life in order for that person and their family to look good. I personally would not accept the invitation to conduct the service unless I am able to speak in biblical honesty. So with all that said I respect Michael for his great success, I just never witnessed it. I will pray for a couple of days for his remaining family then return to not thinking about him. I never really did.

To me Michael is no king of pop. To me Michael is another soul lost, another battle lost to the enemy and most of all a testiment that we Christians need to fight harder and longer though the night!

For it is He that I live, love and breath!