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Travlin Brill Style

Today is Sunday December 27th. Ussually I am sitting in the sound booth at the church, but today I am in a 15 passenger van. Thus far on this journey we have managed to travel 402 miles. Our destination will be reached today, but only after six hours of travel time and 360 miles to cover. This family is no traditional family when it comes to Gadgets and technology.Along this ride we have, Gameboy advanced, two Ipods, two laptops(both running with internet), a tv and a wii. All functional in this van.


Sunday Dress Up

Today, Sunday, I went to church in an Express polo nicely pressed untucked with jeans. I also wore brown clarks with a brown belt to match. See because at my church it does not really matter if your in slacks and a tie or jeans and a polo.

Are you required by the church to dress up to feel welcomed? (Special events excluded)

Would you rather more people attending your church dress nicer?

When people pose the question: Don’t you think you should dress a little nicer for the Lord to show Him your best?
(What’s your reaction to that?)