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What Was I Thinking?

The fiancĂ© and I were sitting at the house and we were contemplating cooking dinner until a commercial for the new Arby’s sandwhich came on and we both almost instantly agreed we’d try it out. Now I understand its been raining non stop and all but we’ve patiently waited a cool twenty-five minutes in the drive thru. Neither of us is in a hurry but that is a terribly long time to wait.

Remind me again what was I thinking? Oh yea I’m thinking Arby’s!

What’s the longest you’ve waited for dinner?


wedding bliss

So today is the day two good friends of mine unite as one. I am really excited for several reasons, one of which is of course to be in attendance but probably more selfishly because I can make notes of what I will be able to do for my wedding in exactly a year from now. This will be the first wedding that I have been to that I am old enough to know what’s actually happening. It will be a reunion of sorts with people that I have known since moving to Alabama eight years ago. Another really exciting element to going to such a great event will be the time spent with my fiancĂ© and learning more of who she is through such a special moment. Oh! Not to mention there is another wedding next week that will almost be a trial run for Jackie and I. Next weeks wedding will be held in a Catholic facility where a Priest won’t be conducting the service. As excited as I am about todays next weeks will be as close to my own wedding I can get without me actually being the groom. Congratulations to Brianna Gray and James Olivera!!

Brand Evolution

Good morning for the few minutes that are left before the lunch crowd dissipates and return back to their desks. For me I get a thirty minute break for lunch so I am spending the last five or so beginning this eventual habit of blogging.
On March 8th, next Tuesday my company Starbucks is changing it’s identity. We’re labeling it “Brand Evolution”. Not only will the face of Starbucks, the Siren, be released from the circle it has been enclosed with since its conception in 1971 but we will be focusing on “world class atmosphere”. This is different from before where we aimed at creating a “legendary atmosphere” or the also known as “third place environment”.
The new logo can be found below. Let me know what you think about the logo and how it will effect Starbucks overall.