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Beginners Trial

I have begun the research on buying a beginners bike. potential new hobby. I NEED something. Ideas? Suggestions? Things to look out for?

This write up from was an extremely helpful starting point. I recommend it to anyone starting this process for the first time as I am.


It’s What I Do…


A Minor League Dream

First, I’m jotting this down from my phone at Regions Park. Home of the SEC baseball tournament and the AA affiliate of the MLB American League Central Chicago White Sox the Birmingham Barons. Now the Preface is over I’ll get to it.

I love baseball. Now you could be thinking, People love all kinds of things: gardening, swimming, comics etc.. But my adoration for baseball is 182+ games. MLB channel, pre-bought Braves tickets(10 exactly), and now including this year a job keeping the score book for the Birmingham Barons. I have scored over 20 games while holding 2 other jobs. I mean come on, I love watching baseball. Something I have practiced since the age of four! I played 3 seasons a year making all-stars every year except one(got beat out a girl) Emily Bartlett was the GIRL standing in the way. Needless to say when I was invited to apply for this position I did so immediately. This year I was actually accepted. I failed the application process last year. All in all I really enjoy anything baseball!

It’s what I do… JohnnFran


As a believer I read through the Old Testament and see that Adam, who was greatly embarrassed still answered to God…eventually. Adam, after having messed up pretty big, had it in him to answer to the one who just made him out of the dust of the ground. All the way through the New Testament we see  it is John(the baptist) who is seen as the first example of submission. John’s life was practically planned out. all that knew his father Zachariah, assumed that John would follow in those footsteps. It is only by the submission that John put himself through that changed the course of history. John decided that fasting and separating himself from everything to be with God would give him the answer to what it was he was intended to do in the earth. Through the wilderness experience that John portrayed the Jews sent after him priests and Levites to ask who it was John really was. For someone to send such high officials after you, there ought to be a real reason for doing so.  The submission of John did just that.

Where Did That Come From?

Where do you get your inspiration from? And to keep this brief and more concise, where do you get your inspiration and/or motivation to create inspiration and/or motivation for those around you?

Tips? Suggestions? Leeds? Books?

With a recent event occurring in my life I don’t want to pass an opportunity to develop someone else.

It’s what I do… JohnnFran

“We Are Horizon”


Dream come true…in one way or another. I am a coach! We’ve had two practices so far and we’re coming together quite nicely. Speaking of being nice, these are some really NICE people. Playing for fun and competition. In the beginning we weren’t sure if all of the “maybes” were going to turn into much of anything. Find out through a couple of days that all the “Maybes” are now a “Yes”!! We have successfully fielded and maxed out the number of roster positions..20!  We are Horizon Softball and we will play hard to the end.

Due to having plenty of players and the start time of a few of the games we were forced to divide the entire team into groups of 5. It was complicated at first but we conqured it in one night and it is all covered! Each player has the opportunity to play in 9 of 12 regular season games. Equal to all! Enjoy and come support us.

P.S. I am really excited to play with this group of people! This is going to be a lot of fun!

We will be playing in Moody every Monday night. Either at 6:15p, 7:15pm, 8:15p, 9:15pm!!

Below is our schedule.

Horizon Softball

Sand Drawn Line

Wow you know those difficult days that never seem to add up? Or when you try to rationalize someone elses influence on why they see what they see and what thought was created in their brain that made them react a certain way? Well at exactly 12:16p I was faced with all of this. Over a span of a couple hours it continue to build into the volcano effect we knew it would be. After a few attempts at contacting the wrong person I suddenly remembered that I knew exactly the person to call. This person who happened to be the same level of influence but as an ally. Things continued the wrong pathway so I drew a line. A line I never anticipated drawing today. I made a decision to end it with my head held high despite any futile advances from the other party. I believe my dignity is still in tact regardless of the outcome. Godspeed!

It’s what I do… JohnnFran