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Who is someone that you have met that is famous? or Infamous? …completely random place, not at all expecting such a person to be and *BAM* there they are, there you are!

I work at two different apartment communities both not known for housing the “well known” but it has happened that I have come in contact with a few neat people. First is PGA golfer Michael Thompson. He actually called the office and needed his sponsored Ping golf bag to be shipped to Tucson,AZ for a tournament the NEXT DAY! He was desperate for me to come through in the clutch. It was neat to be able to help someone who would otherwise not need it.

Second is this band: Within Reason their page
The lead singer is the one who lives in one of the communities and is actually a really cool guy. Having met him a few times in the office and through multiple conversations just being around the guy makes you want to support their music. So GO have a listen and enjoy NEW music!



Documentary:Behind the Scenes

I really enjoy to know the origin of various popular topics or what the roots are my favorite “icons” so to speak. This 5min video of John Mark McMillian’s song “How He Loves” literally gave me chills as he revisits the lyrics he wrote in a pocket size notebook some 7 years after he originally wrote them. Enjoy

We All Just Want Someone to Relate To…

We go through life gravatating to one thing over another, in any attempt to feel welcome or safe. I know for myself when I read the Word I have had to stop myself from going to the same passages of scripture that always seem to produce the same outcome. It is in those time that I force myself out of the ‘norm’ and into exactly where He intended me to be in that time. Through meditation outside of where I wanted ME to be is where I love for Him to take me. 

Outside of Jesus who do you relate to the most?

Is there one character or a specific trait about one of the disciples you read most often?