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I don’t know how many thoughts I think per day, 

or how many of those thoughts stir other thoughts…..

I don’t know how many decisions I make in a day,

or how many of those decisions create further decisions to be made later…

I think it, i forget it..

I remember it to forget it again…

I start it, then I stop it, pick it up again -repeat! 

There is not a place to buy time, anytime soon….


now how many thoughts have been provoked after reading this? 

share them with me.. 


Holiday Warmth


What’s new about this holiday season that has you excited about next years holiday season?
Mine is actually being married and being able to share everything under one roof!

Boldy Spoken

“Tithe for an entire year and if at the end of the year you aren’t more peaceful than you were before we will give it back.” Pastor Chris Hodges

What is something that someone in an authoritative position ever said to you that challenged you? I’d love to hear about it.