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In Flight

As I sit in this undersized airplane and gaze out over the heavens I can’t contain my grateful thoughts towards my Heavenly Father. Humbled does not do my emotions justice. Having the ability to get so physically close to His creation that He gifts us with is astounding. I pray that as I reflect upon His divine presence I feel this same astonishment. His grace is as free and as vast as the open air we breathe. His freedom and love for our captivated souls is equally open as the skies are to a plane in flight. He wants our souls to feel this exact sense of deliverance as we feel up in the clouds. I love the feeling of complete dependence upon You Jesus. “there’s no place I would rather be than here in your Love” is playing on my iPod by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit band. I am in awe of His creation and grace that He freely gives us all. Thankful for an amazing wife who shares this love and admiration for our King.


The Last Walk…

As many have gone before me and failed my goal is to be the opposite. I have every intention of making this my last walk. As I  plan on making this my last walk it is also my first. To sum up all the lessons I have learned through the days I have lived it can easily be said that I live to be against the standard. I thrive on knowing that most of which I set out to accomplish has either not been completed or wasn’t successful on the very first attempt within those that surround me. I have been privileged to have had two older brothers and loving parents who cared enough about me to keep me from the mistakes they made themselves. Through it all my parents, yes at times separately, both chimed in to keep me under their provision. All of which was to get me to this point. The point of complete independence. What better way to celebrate independence than with all of the individuals that guided me into this place of absolute bliss. 

I am beyond grateful for the prayers, hugs, tears, and even scoldings I subjected myself to throughout this journey. I give those credit who at times probably hated every fiber of me but gave me another opportunity to live out His purpose. I believe this next statement to be truer than most of what any pastor has ever spoken to me: “sometimes it takes a village to raise a child”. Well despite the population of the village that raised me I am glad someone spent the time they did with me. 

This is for anyone who ever gave me a second,third,etc opportunity to sit down without hurting! I honestly wouldn’t be here without every one of you!