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iPhone Battery life

This will be short: just more than 140 characters. And I wanted this to be both on twitter and Facebook. This was my only other option.

So my wife ironically, the less techno of the two of us, told me how to save the iPhones battery life. I have seen a tremendous improvement and I’ve seen it immediately. All I did was:

1)Turn of location to all things that you don’t use every single day. Ex: do you use the compass everyday? No? Turn off location to it.

2)lower the brightness just past the extra bright stage to the brightest dim stage. [after the initial Chang you won’t notice that you’ve changed it. I was iffy at first too]

3) periodically throughout the day go to te multitask bar by double clicking your home button. Once there hold a single finger on the icon until they start to shake. There will be an option to delete these from “BEING OPEN” they won’t be deleted off your phone had you don’t this from the home screen.

4)lastly, if you don’t HAVE to have your mail instantly. Go to the settings and make them notify you every 15 minutes or more. But more importantly turn PUSH off.

That’s all she shared and it been a tremendous help.