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Pursuit of Perfection

I am not perfect.
I will never be perfect.
I will always make mistakes.
I will never be a good enough example.
I will always choose myself over you.
I am a sinner.
He is perfect!
He will always be perfect.
He has never made a mistake.
He has always been a good example.
He always chose me over Himself.
He saved me from ALL my sins!

Eternal perspective.
No matter what I do, look at Him!
No matter what I say, hear Him.
No matter my platform, seek Him.



Just reflect of what we think “Passover” means to us today. Jesus being the pinnacle of our faith and the most essential piece of our lives. That through Him we are able to live with peace in our hearts.

I have to be honest I have read and been taught about Passover both in the Old Testament and New Testament but never before today has it clicked the way I hope to describe.

Original Passover: Moses left Pharaoh’s presence with their animals later to be sacrificed and their blood placed on sprigs of hyssop and painted on the door frames of those that were following Moses’ direction. This was done so that the angel of death would pass over their house so that the first born would not die as part of the last plague.

Christian Passover: when Jesus said in John 19:28-29 “I Thirst” when Jesus said this a sprig of hyssop was brought forth with a sponge soaked with common wine to fulfill past Old Testament prophecy.

Meaning: the wood beams that make up Jesus’ cross and His blood that was spilled on the cross is the gateway for the entire world to be saved from death(sin)

Thanks be to God for the unity throughout the Word that is provided to us. To God be the glory for His Spirit to bring revelation to all that seek His face!

Hallelujah(Celebrate God),