Creating a High Touch Environment

30 Ways to Create a High Touch Environment(incomplete)

  1. Love and Accept yourself
  2. Express your love openly. Stand at the door and shake hands.(Say things like, “I wish everyone could have the privilege of pastoring you)
  3. Put energy into being likeable
  4. Be the first to Apologize
  5. Let other people save face. Let them off the hook
  6. Smile a lot
  7. Make all the friends you can
  8. Be Transparent and authentic
  9. Lead by example
  10. Be predictable and consistent
  11. Never show your anger in public
  12. Think people not events
  13. Practice the 30/30 principle(the most important part of a service is the 30 minutes before and after the service-spend time with people)
  14. Walk slowly through the crowd
  15. Always be a friend to the little man. The popular come and go
  16. Return all emails and phone calls within 24 hours
  17. Write notes
  18. Reward faithfulness openly. Take time to do it
  19. Laugh more. Make everything fun
  20. Don’t miss significant events (births, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, graduations, achievements, etc) They only come around once.
  21. Heal the hurt when someone is wounded
  22. Give others credit, accept none
  23. Connect people with other people
  24. Remember names
  25. Focus on their interest. Ask questions
  26. Let them know you need them
  27. Value people. If you don’t value them, you will manipulate them. See them as a person to be loved
  28. Follow the 101% Principle. Find the 1% that you agree on and give it 100% of your effort
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