Coffee’s Customer


I am really only here because I had a coupon for a medium hot or iced coffee for 99c, let’s get that straight.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s 0.00009 miles from where I work and I needed a place that was not where I work to get the tons of homework I need done, done. 

Yesterday, I toured the new Regional Director for Dunking Donuts, who was not pleasant at all, and coincidentally he is here at this location using it as his “office”. 

Now I may still be biased about all of this because I spent three years as a barista for Starbucks and know the core values of their customer service platform, but I can not begin to speak about the lack of customer service I experienced today but have witnessed as I free load off their WiFi : P. 

No need to get into the details of any of that, just to say that I can firmly say that I may always favor Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts, regardless of how Howard Schultz may feel about those that buy Starbuck stock. 



P.s. I drink my coffee black. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch







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