What is your ‘wilderness’?

What is your place of isolation where you can focus on what’s most important in life?

For Christians, it may be your time in the morning or evening where you spend time in worship/reading the Word.

For others, it may be your time on the basketball court or out during your morning run.

Whether you are a believer or just here visiting, I believe it is imperative that we have a ‘wilderness’.

We all need that place we can rely on being there when we need it most.

We need to have that place where we will always know when we get there we can realign our thoughts and intentions towards our goals personal ambitions.

Without this place, our vision for what’s ahead becomes clouded and without form.

Without this place, our actions become purposeless and quite often hurtful towards those that we never intended to harm.

Think about where your ‘wilderness’ is and find a new way to incorporate more time there.

If after reading this you realize you are without a wilderness and would like this in your life, decide now that you will create this experience for yourself.

You will thank yourself sooner rather than later!


Reference Bible: Luke 7:11-35



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