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Let me put it out there, I L O V E church

ekklēsia: a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into some public place, an assembly.


I really enjoy the system that church is. I enjoy the gathering of people. The atmosphere of His presence ushered in by worship, divine. 

I enjoy hearing messages so that I can learn the flow and presentation of said message.

I really enjoy church experience. I will have the opportunity to go to other churches and learn “their” way, too. 


What do you love about your “church”? What do you wish to see your church implement or perhaps alter?







Boldy Spoken

“Tithe for an entire year and if at the end of the year you aren’t more peaceful than you were before we will give it back.” Pastor Chris Hodges

What is something that someone in an authoritative position ever said to you that challenged you? I’d love to hear about it.

Sunday Dress Up

Today, Sunday, I went to church in an Express polo nicely pressed untucked with jeans. I also wore brown clarks with a brown belt to match. See because at my church it does not really matter if your in slacks and a tie or jeans and a polo.

Are you required by the church to dress up to feel welcomed? (Special events excluded)

Would you rather more people attending your church dress nicer?

When people pose the question: Don’t you think you should dress a little nicer for the Lord to show Him your best?
(What’s your reaction to that?)