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This is How I Start

First, I am not one for the popular route, nor have I been one to set goals.
This is primarily because I don’t know that I have ever achieved something that I have set out to do.
Yes very bleak and quite downing for an intro to a blog.
It turns around I promise!

I am late in preparing on what I would like to achieve this month, and even year.
There are many things before me that I would love to start changing, better yet quitting(positively)!
I suppose with any decent goal their is first a plan of action.
Even before the plan of action there must be a brainstorm.
This will be that brainstorming session.

What comes to mind first is: start something small.
Have the feeling of accomplishment first before climbing ‘Everest’ as some goals may look like from Day number 1.
So I choose a 14-day Bible Reading plan through the YouVersion app.
This plan is the Fresh Air reading plan, developed from my Pastor Chris Hodges.

Before I think of my next goal, I’d like to pause before making plans of climbing the summit, because I forgot my parka in the car.
What I mean by this is we can often times get bogged down and lost in the planning of all the achievements we would like to see before even reaching the first plateau or goal.
This blog entry may only need to be my personal development of setting my first goal.
Along this journey as I feel more confident in this new routine, will I then choose my second goal to reach.
There is no reason to choose five goals now, only to feel overwhelmed in doing them all at once.
Especially for myself and anyone else who do not typically set goals.

Start strong with clear vision and along the way continue to dream of the next achievement

While planning your goals what do you struggle with the most?

Why do you feel you are struggling with that?

What would help you not struggle as much?

to God be the glory!