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What is it that you think of when you read the word ‘Encounter’?
Is it positive? Spiritual? A memory?
For me I can’t help but think of the times where The Lord directed my footsteps. Similar to the verse David wrote in Psalm 119:133 “direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.” Here David is requesting The Lord direct his steps, for me it was that The Lord was already directing my steps because I didn’t know any better.

So my encounters early on and often were where He was controlling the outcome of the decisions being made. He encountered my path to make it what it what it was. Had I taken more control the outcome would have been drastically different.

There are two encounters we deal with daily. Physical and Spiritual

I hope you weren’t expecting some theological stance or some exegetical delivery right there! It’s just those two encounters, day in and day out.

What will matter most is how we respond to each of these and whether or not we initiated them. Did we go to God first before we stubbed our toe and yelled a cuss word or did God come to us to shut us up before it slipped out?

Choose your encounter and respond courageously!



Die to Live

I’m not fully alive
Until I’m fully dead,
I’m not fully dead
Until I leave it at the cross!

Christ has entrusted me with His name
May I understand that weight and live
like it.


Being Perfect

First, it’s been far too long since my last post. Secondly, I’m going to do this on a regular basis maybe not a consistent basis but it will be often.
The Lord is good. As much as He is good He is equally just. His correction and my conviction are what drive me day by day. The Word states “Be perfect as I am perfect”. It also states that “all fall short of the glory..” A Christian female I work with made a statement that she would get onto her children for always trying to be perfect. Now I understand that in the natural that can be diagnosed as OCD or some other “disease” but the Word clearly calls for all of us as His children to be like Him. Once she stated that my mind started running over with what the Holy Spirit was telling me. The Spirit was explaining concern for christians across the world who have lost this principle to “be perfect” or strive for excellence. It matters not what the task is but that we are giving our all to that task in Jesus name.
So be blessed with His favor and His strength in all your activities!
In Him!

Wasted Time

Is time wasted if it isn’t spent glorifying His name or bettering His kingdom?